about S.A. Nelson & Associates

We Connect You to Your Audiences.

SANelson & Associates is a strategic PR and Communication Agency in South Florida with deep experience in public relations and public involvement. With a dedicated staff SANelson’s goal Is to provide first-class service with a focus on client success, curiosity fuels our drive to understand complicated information and help you reach your audience


We offer a historical understanding of specific policy issues that impact our clients, as well as a working knowledge of local, state and federal government processes. We understand the technical demands of infrastructure and development projects, as well as the need to share information with stakeholders. We tailor our clients’ public involvement programs to fit the specific needs of each project, large or small.


More than just another project component, public involvement is something we regard as necessary for engaging the citizens of communities that are affected by changes in their built environment. By employing proactive strategies and the effective use of communication materials, we help our clients cultivate partnerships with regulatory agencies, businesses, community advisory councils and other stakeholders to advance each project through the development, design and construction process.


We strive to become an extension of our clients and their team. Our highly-qualified professionals build deep, long-standing customer relationships in order to offer the highest level of service. SANelson’s expertise in numerous disciplines positions us to serve the wide-ranging needs of our clients as a total project resource.